Thai Seafood Superfood!

We’ve discovered a high energy Thai seafood curry recipe which is apparently designed to boost iron levels. 

Allegedly, it is a misconception that spinach and leafy vegetables are one of the best sources of iron, as the mineral is poorly absorbed from them.  However, red meat, liver, turkey and particularly cockles and mussels are excellent examples of iron boosting foods. 

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The Curry Cocktail

curry cocktail recipe

As curry lovers, our curryosity has no limits – sorry.

Whether we should go as far as risking our lives over it, we’re certainly ready to try new culinary experiences. In that spirit, and because summer means cocktails (although their consumption is not limited to that specific time of the year, but it sure does carry with it a summer vibe).

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Toddler Friendly Curry

curries for children

If you have a little toddler who is ready to try new things when it comes to food but you are unsure if curry would be too spicy for them this wonderful Annabel Karmel recipe may be the answer.

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Turkey in Chinese Curry Sauce

Turkey in Chinese Curry Sauce

Christmas Day is over, and you’ve got a heap of turkey leftover! So it’s almost as big a tradition as the roast, the Boxing Day curry.

Here’s a recipe for turkey in Chinese curry sauce if you want to give your menu an old fashioned chippy curry sauce flavour.

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