Manchester Indian Restaurant Guide

The Curry Culture Guide to the best Indian Restaurants in Manchester

Our opinion on the best Indian Restaurants in Manchester

We've been to many great restaurants in Manchester and have put together this guide into the ones we think you should give a try. There will be more than are in this list, so feel free to share them with us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Indian Restaurants Manchester

Dishoom recently opened in Manchester and after many years of waiting I can say it’s fantastic. We’ve been for breakfast and dinner and both visits were brilliant.

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indian tiffin room review

Fantastic – that’s the review complete really. You must go there – I have no affiliation to them – I just live nearby and have been to the Cheadle one a couple of times so thought it was time to try the Manchester venue.

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Cafe Zouk “tea bar and grill” is one of a new breed of Indian Restaurants such as East z East and Akbars that are finding favour with curry fans. With more modern styling and an emphasis on traditional cooking styles this new breed is attracting a younger, urban audience.

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Chickn Palak

Gosht Dum Biryani at Asha’s is bloody lovely, I had one this weekend and it is simply sensational, so I am asking the question is this the best biryani in Britain?

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rajdoot manchester

Rajdoot’s Manchester restaurant is located in the corner of Albert Square (nearest to the Central Library) and as you can see from this photo (copied from their website) it is a traditional Indian Restaurant.

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Akbar's Manchester

I live near Akbar’s Manchester restaurant on Liverpool road and eat there as well as using their takeaway service and have to say that it is one of the most successful Indian restaurants I know. It always seems to be busy and I can’t really understand why it appears to be so far ahead of the rest.

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Curry Culture

Mughli is one of the better restaurants in Manchester and as far as we’re concerned the best on the Curry Mile (unless you know different).

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