Can I submit a recipe?

Yes - as long as it is curry related, has the ingredients list, method and a good quality photo, we will consider it for inclusion in our recipe section.

If we already have a recipe we might link to it from that recipe page or if it sounds like fun, we may include it in our Chaater news section.

Getting in touch is the best place to start. 

Can I submit a press release?

Yes - as long as it is curry (or hospitality industry) related, we will always consider press releases for inclusion on the Curry Culture website.

There are two main news sections, Chaater designed to be fun and general interest stories and Curry Professionals aimed at the business side of the industry.

We reserve the right to include all or part of the story, to edit it and if we disagree with comments made in it may also put forward an alternative opinion.

We cannot guarantee inclusion and maintain total freedom over elements we may include.

Are you paid for publishing content?

No - this site does not get paid for publishing content although I have been offered a few free curries from time to time. Almost 100% of the items reviewed were purchased, as were all of the meals.

We publish content about things we like and if someone approaches us for a review we are more than happy to visit if we can. There was one freebie meal invite I did accept, but it was such a toe-curling experience that I vowed never again, I would rather pay and be honest.

Sometimes we get given a free bottle of beer or a jar of something lovely to review. When this happens it will be mentioned in the review. Distilleries are welcome to send us some samples!

The Asian food industry is generally fabulous, but not always, so we want to be independent so we can tell you the truth. The thought of being described as an influencer makes me feel slightly nauseous.


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