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Chickpea, Coconut and Mango Rice

Fancy a risotto style dish with an Indian twist? Then this recipe from guest chef Anjula Devi should be just what you are looking for.

Ideal for vegetarians and with one or two ingredient changes you could also make a vegan version.

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Chinese Curry Chicken

Colourful Chinese decorations can already be seen inundating the city’s Chinatown and surrounding areas.  Soon other parts of the city will be following suit with the fabulous smell of traditional food, emanating from the Chinese food market situated in St Ann’s Square and the extraordinary sounds of Chinese music being…

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Chocolate and Beef Curry

An Easter Curry…

The traditional festivities include baking cakes and giving Easter eggs to children as it is the case in Western countries and there are as many varieties in traditional Easter recipes  as there is diversity in the lifestyles and cultures of India.

We came up with a recipe that will satisfy your chocolate cravings, but also your weakness for curry.

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Chocolate Curry Cupcakes

Chocolate Curry Cupcakes

It’s said that chocolate and spicy food stimulate nerve endings, rise the heart rate and make the body temperature go up.  So, why not get down to business?!  Bake some love and let the love flow.

Here is the best Chocolate Curry Cupcakes recipe for Valentine’s Day.  Do you dare to try them?

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Curried Tagliatelle

Curried Italian Tagliatelle

Here’s an interesting take on a recipe by our Italian intern (they’re not massive on curry in Italy)

There are two watchwords to bear in mind in the kitchen: research and experimentation. When the love of food meets the curiosity for different cultures, we can get matches we had never thought of before.

As in this recipe, where Indian curry meets Italian tagliatelle. This dish is very easy to prepare but also surprisingly sophisticated.

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Curry Leaf Calamari

curry calamari

This beautiful sounding seafood dish comes courtesy of guest chef Awanish Roy who is the Executive Head Chef of Saffron Summer.

An Indian fine dining restaurant this recipe is influenced by the seafood specialities of the coastal belt of Goa, Kerala and Malwan in India.

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Curry Powder Mix

curry powder mix

Curry powder is a mixture of spices based on South Asian cuisine.  A similar spice blend exists in the north, called garam masala.  Although you can buy ready made curry powder, it’s easy to make your own using everyday spices you will find at your local supermarket.

We have several different curry powder mix recipes on the site so once you’ve tried one, it is good to experiment.

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Curry Sauce Base

curry sauce base

The secret to many great curry recipes is not to just add water or chopped tomatoes when you need to create a sauce, but to have a pre-cooked “base curry sauce” ready to use.

Any curry chef worth their salt knows the secret of a good curry sauce and here at Curry Culture Towers we want to share this secret with you – here’s a great starter recipe for a good curry base sauce

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Dosa with Potatoes and Onions

Dosai recipe

Guest Chef Dev Biswal gives a classic Indian street food recipe. Dosai with gently spiced potatoes, mustard and onions.

A dosa is a simple pancake, originating from South India, made from fermented batter. They look very similar to thin pancakes or crepes. You can add just about any fillings you wish to make a great snack or light meal.

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Dupiaza (Dopiaza) Curry

Dupiaza dopiaza curry recipe

The word ‘dupiaza’ comes from Persian and means ‘two onions’. It is, therefore, unsurprising that that this dish is prepared using plenty of onions cooked to produce the base sauce and then added again to complement the meat.

Usually prepared with king prawns, lamb or chicken. However, this curry can also be vegetarian where potatoes or cauliflower can be the main ingredient to sit alongside the onions.

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Dutch Curry?

curry in holland

Stewed vegetables with a spicy taste.

A success or a disaster?

The style of curry that people eat in the UK is not as popular in Holland. (the writer of this blog) has never eaten a British style curry dish so far in his life, so he doesn’t know how it tastes or if it is good, but what he does know is that it is a very famous dish in the UK, so it must be good.

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Garam Masala Recipe

Garam Masala Recipe

Garam masala has been part of Indian cuisine for centuries, also crossing over into neighbouring countries.

Literally, the name means ‘hot spice’ – although this does not necessarily refer to chilli heat but to the fact that the cooking process involves toasting the spices.

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