Dutch Curry?

curry in holland

Stewed vegetables with a spicy taste.

A success or a disaster?

The style of curry that people eat in the UK is not as popular in Holland. (the writer of this blog) has never eaten a British style curry dish so far in his life, so he doesn’t know how it tastes or if it is good, but what he does know is that it is a very famous dish in the UK, so it must be good.

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Garam Masala Recipe

Garam Masala Recipe

Garam masala has been part of Indian cuisine for centuries, also crossing over into neighbouring countries.

Literally, the name means ‘hot spice’ – although this does not necessarily refer to chilli heat but to the fact that the cooking process involves toasting the spices.

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Gulab Jaman

Gulab Jaman

These sweets can be purchased at selected Indian takeaways but are also very easy to cook and prepare at home for a special occasion or just simply a treat for yourself to enjoy. Here is a quick and easy recipe of gulab jaman’s for you to try at home. Stir together the powdered milk, flour and baking soda…

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Halloween Curry Recipe

Witch’s Curry Cauldron – Something spicy to enjoy on Halloween.

Once upon a time, in the north of England, there was a scary Witch who every 31st of October, dusted off her cauldron, went into the forest to gather all the needed ingredients and cooked a spooky Curry Halloween Recipe.

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Indian Mint Sauce

Indian Mint Sauce

Super easy Indian mint sauce made to the Editor’ own recipe.

This is a very quick and easy recipe for a mint sauce dip to go with your poppadoms and starters. You can easily adjust it to your own taste.

It’s best prepared fresh and ready to use and only takes a couple of  minutes.

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Irani Chicken Boti

Irani chicken Boti

An original Kashmiri recipe made with succulent pieces of chicken with a light and mild sauce.

Irani chicken boti is a style that can be used for chicken wings, chicken thighs or as kebab on a skewer. It’s perfect for barbecues, sharing platters and parties.

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Jal-Jeera (Jaljeera, jaljira) recipe

jal-jeera recipe

Jal-jeera powder generally consists of cumin, black pepper, mint, rock salt and some fruit powder. You can also find recipes with chili or hot pepper powder. In Hindi Jal means “water” and Jeera means “cumin”.

As well as giving your taste buds a hefty kick, the drink is also reported to be good for your digestion thanks to the cumin and rock salt.

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Karahi (Khorai, Karai, Korai)

karahi curry recipe

The Karahi curry is a spicy dish and is a particular favourite in Northern India and Pakistan. It is related to the Balti and both are stir fried dishes.

There is no single agreed recipe for a Karai curry as it is more a style of cooking (stir frying in a Karai – there are lots of spellings) so this means there is plenty of variety from one recipe to another.

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Kerala style seared steak salad

Kerala style steak salad

Kerala style seared steak served with radish and mustard salad

Courtesy of Sheba Promod from Absolute Indian Cookery Classes.

Inspired by a Kerala pepper fry, this simple and succulent beef salad makes a great lunch or light supper. The bittersweet warmth of the beef and dal’s nutty tones act as a great pick-me-up during what appears to be a monsoon summer for us!

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Lamb Christmas Curry

Christmas lamb curry

Curry is one of the Britain’s favourite foods, so if we enjoy it throughout the year, why not integrate it in our Christmas dinner, one of the most awaited celebration around the world?

So, if you’re feeling brave and want to have a Curry Christmas, here it comes our curry dish proposition! We hope you – and your guests – enjoy it!

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Lamb Karahi (Korai / Karai)

lamb karahi recipe

This lamb karahi recipe (or karai) is a classic Indian curry with tender lamb pieces coated in a beautifully spiced curry sauce. This is a relatively “dry” curry so your sauce should be nice and thick.

It is relatively easy to cook and if you don’t have a base curry sauce available you can use chopped tomatoes.

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Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi Recipe

This mango lassi recipe is a bit of a quick fix for those who can’t get hold of fresh mangoes.

Mango lassi is a well known drink from India and Pakistan and is popular worldwide. It can be made with or without additional sugar.

Here is the (very easy) recipe , courtesy of our guest blogger Spice and Curry.

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