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Green Chillies

Green Chillies

May 24, 2020

Green chillies are popular as a cooking ingredient and give a hot flavour to dishes. However, they also have several applications for health and well-being.  The heat of your curry is generally determined by the amount and type of chilli peppers used in the recipe.  There are many types of…

Curry et mon droit

February 11, 2015

Question Who do you think can handle spicy dishes the most? 1) Northerners 2) Southerners a) Men b) Women If you answered 1-a, time has come to get over some serious stereotypes here. Hungryhouse, the online takeaway food delivery platform has analysed the ordering habits of its customers over the…

Food to get you in the mood

October 11, 2013

In aid of National Curry Week, Jamona (Oxford’s top Indian takeaway) have rustled up a spicy dish that curry fans are sure to love.