Who do you think can handle spicy dishes the most?

1) Northerners
2) Southerners

a) Men
b) Women

If you answered 1-a, time has come to get over some serious stereotypes here.

Hungryhouse, the online takeaway food delivery platform has analysed the ordering habits of its customers over the past 12 months and dug up some interesting and rather unexpected facts.

First one is definitely crushing the stereotype of soft southern jessies: Southerners turn out to be more able to handle the heat. The further North you go, the milder people seem to enjoy their curry. Glasgow and Edinburgh didn’t even make the top 10 of UK’s hottest cities, here’s the list:

1. Londonheat_fb_posts_1
2. Bristol
3. Coventry
4. Birmingham
5. Nottingham
6. Sheffield
7. Leeds
8. Manchester
9. Liverpool
10. Newcastle

As for Wales and Northern Ireland, it appears that they’re the most mild, preferring to stick with unadventurous non-spicy burgers and pizzas.

heat_fb_posts_2On that note, the Hungryhouse analysis also revealed that women are more adventurous that men when it comes to spicy dishes. Statistics reveal that when 23% of women order the hottest choice, only 16% of men do. And that should not come up so much as a surprise but the most fearless are the Southern ladies, ordering 37% more spicy dishes than their Northern counterparts. So much for cliches.

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