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Restaurants in Crisis. Really?

September 10, 2018

So last week I got a press release announcing the opening of the nominations of the Asian Curry Awards. Nothing strange there, I’ve received lots of these and have been invited to the awards before. But as I read the release it made me feel uneasy about the direction the…

The most Northern curry house in the UK?

August 14, 2018

Perhaps not the most northern because there are several curry restaurants in Lerwick and I didn’t check if I was at the northern end of town but either way the Gurkha Kitchen proves that even in the Shetland Islands you can still eat a very acceptable curry. With very welcoming…

india village woodhall spa

Small town curry houses

June 14, 2018

India Village Woodhall Spa On a recent visit to Woodhall Spa, the history of British Curry Houses came flooding back to me. We visited the India Village which I think is pretty much the only Indian in the town and had a perfectly good curry. The restaurant was busy, the…