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Healthy Mango Chutney

Healthy Mango Chutney

July 29, 2020

This recipe uses a whole fresh mango so gives enough for 4 people at least. Peel the mango, remove the stone, chop off the mango flesh and cut into small cubes. Add to a mixing bowl and add the chopped red chilli, white wine vinegar, chopped ginger, curry powder, nigella…

WAG Curry Diet

The WAG Curry Diet

May 14, 2013

A staple for drunk students stumbling down the curry mile (and hungover students the morning after) curry is often considered a naughty indulgence. But as Sunil Kumar Sinha, head chef at Massala in the wealthy suburb of Cobham in Surrey, is trying to prove, a curry needn’t be fattening. In…

Goa Premium Beer Review

Beer Belly Burn-Off

July 10, 2012

While it may be no surprise to some that chillies are an excellent food to eat when dieting, it has recently been discovered that the chemical capsaicin, which is what makes the chilli hot, actually targets and burns the fat around your stomach.