St Patrick's Day


If you’re Irish you’ll know this Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day.  In fact, even if you’re not Irish you probably know this Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day!  As arguably the most celebrated Saint in the world and with large Irish communities in the rest of the UK, US, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Canada and Japan among others, people in countries around the globe will be painting the town green in celebration of St. Paddy and all things Irish on 17th March.

What has all this got to do with curry we hear you ask?  Well, we’ve been doing a bit of thinking here at Curry Culture HQ about Indian/Asian dishes with a green theme…

Hariyali chicken – we reviewed this dish at a restaurant we visited last year which received mixed reviews.  Some were put off by the thought of green chicken (!) but cooked right it’s a lovely unique dish. Ask you favourite restaurant for it this weekend.

And how about Thai green curry?  Ticking all the boxes of hot and sweet, it’s no wonder this is perhaps Thailand’s most famous dish.

Saag (spinach) dishes are packed full of iron.  Perfectly complimented with potatoes in the popular side-dish Saag Aloo or as a main ingredient in it’s own right in the Saag curries found on most Indian menus, spinach is a diverse and popular vegetable in Indian cooking.

So instead of making a fool of yourself by drinking too much Guinness and attempting the Riverdance this weekend, why not add an Indian twist to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and try one of these ‘green’ dishes?  Let us know if you spot any other interesting Irish themed specials whilst you’re dining out this weekend.


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