Mother's Day

This Sunday, 18th March is Mother’s Day in Britain.  Although the majority of countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, Britain do so on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Many Asian countries also celebrate Mother’s Day.

In India, Mother’s Day is officially observed on the second Sunday of May and the festival is quite new in the country.  Awareness about it is much greater in cities such as New Dehli than in smaller towns.  On this day, mothers receive flowers or a prepared meal – children often make a meal for their mothers so that they can have a day rest from the kitchen.

In Thailand, the celebration is on August 12th and coincides with the birthday of their Queen, Sirikit Kitayakara, who has reigned since 1950.

Curry Culture’s advice on Mother’s Day?  Instead of buying an expensive present for your mum, follow the Indian tradition and cook her favourite dish.  Nothing says love and appreciation like a home-cooked meal.  Or if your cooking level is more beans on toast than haute cuisine, than why not take her out to her favourite restaurant, Indian of course!

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