We thought it would be interesting to ask people living in the UK what their favourite curry is and why.  The answers certainly gave us a broad view on what people’s  favourite Indian dishes with some surprising entries.  We got all sorts of different answers and thankfully only one person answered, “Chicken Tikka Masala”.   Below are some of the answers, is your here?

Lamb Saag




“I love Lamb Saag, it’s really flavoursome without being overly spicy just the way I like it.”




Chicken Korma




“My favourite curry is Chicken Korma.  As I am not use to spicy food, I find this dish perfect for me. I like coconut anyway and the rich creamy sauce is delicious.”





“For me, Chicken Dopiaza is the best curry.  Pack full of onions and lots of spice, I go for this every time, usually pilau rice and garlic naan.”



“I love Chicken Tikka the best.  It’s a cliché I know but it it’s a good all-rounder; full of flavour, not too spicy, rich and creamy and it never disappoints.”

Fish Karahi




“Although I like all types of curry dishes, I would probably have to pick Fish Karahi as my favourite.  I just love it!”


Taka Tak Lamb




“In my opinion, the best curry out there is Taka Tak lamb.  It’s succulent and I enjoy the delicate mix of lamb and spices.  It’s a bit different to most curries not found on a lot of menus; it’s a real treat.”

Aloo Matar



Aloo Matar is definitely my number one curry.  Although most often found as a side dish, I pick this every time with other side dishes, rice and naans.  I love how the potatoes and peas are mixed in seasoned tomatoes and spices.”
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  1. sam thompson on March 21, 2022 at 9:58 am

    i like curry

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