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Gulab Jaman

Gulab Jaman

March 23, 2012

These sweets can be purchased at selected Indian takeaways but are also very easy to cook and prepare at home for a special occasion or just simply a treat for yourself to enjoy. Here is a quick and easy recipe of gulab jaman’s for you to try at home. Stir together the powdered milk, flour and baking soda…

Achari Tikka a Spring time curry

March 19, 2012

An ideal dish for Spring time the Achari Tikka allows to you to cook something out of the ordinary. This is the perfect dish to treat your relatives to a delicious meal and impress them with your culinary skills.

The Achari Tikka recipe is courtesy of the Brilliant Restaurant located in old Southall.

Mumtaz, ‘In the loving memory of our dear mother’

March 17, 2012

  Mumtaz is one of Yorkshire’s leading Indian restaurants and is best known for its authentic Kashmiri dishes and mango lassi.  The company’s humble beginnings can be traced back to 1979 when it was founded by the late Farzand Begum, starting off as a small cafe selling samosas in Bradford.  Later they…