curry powder mix
Indian curry spices for a curry powder mix

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Curry powder is a mixture of spices based on South Asian cuisine.  A similar spice blend exists in the north, called garam masala.

Although you can buy ready made curry powder, it’s easy to make your own using everyday spices you will find at your local supermarket.

We have several different curry powder mix recipes on the site so once you’ve tried one, it is good to experiment.

curry powder mix
Indian curry spices for a curry powder mix

How to Make Curry Powder Mix

To make your own curry blend:

  1. Pick your spices and lightly toast (but be careful NOT to burn) them in a non-stick pan – this helps to release their flavour and aroma.  Don’t use any oil as this well impair the flavour and consistency of the powder.  Toast until the spices turn a darker shade.
  2. Next grind the toasted spices in a spice grinder until very fine.
  3. You’re now ready to start using your homemade curry powder!  Use it fresh or store in an air-tight container and add to your favourite Indian recipes.

It should be remembered that curry powder is more of a generic term for a blend of different spices.  The more local the spices are to Asia and in particular Indian the more they will feature in curry powder.

Changing the quantity is the easiest way to alter the taste of any spice blend.  That said, don’t be scared to experiment and create your own spice blends and curry powders – add to the mixture whilst cooking to suit your taste.

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