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Asian Chefs honoured at House of Commons

March 13, 2020

Scotland, Manchester and London Awards Launch Asian Catering Federation announces training and recruitment programme to tackle skills shortage Over 170 VIP guests attended a celebratory dinner at the House of Commons on Thursday 12th March, to honour the winners of the Asian & Oriental Chef Awards and to launch this year’s Asian Restaurant Awards and Asian Curry Awards. Following a cook-off competition held at Ealing University in February, Asian & Oriental Chef of the Year 2020 awards were presented to chefs Daya Shankar Sharma (Indian) of Grand Trunk Road in South Woodford and Shanker Pandy of Everest Inn (Nepalese) in Blackhealth; and Jie Chen (Chinese) of Canton Restaurant in London.…

How Many Curry Houses are there in the UK?

How Many Curry Houses are there in the UK?

March 4, 2020

17,000 (!) Indian restaurants will vanish from the highstreet in the upcoming decade according to Yawar Khan, chairman of the Asian Catering Federation (ACF). That seemed like an awful lot and started us thinking – how many curry restaurants are there in the UK? And are there really so many…

Restaurants in Crisis. Really?

September 10, 2018

So last week I got a press release announcing the opening of the nominations of the Asian Curry Awards. Nothing strange there, I’ve received lots of these and have been invited to the awards before. But as I read the release it made me feel uneasy about the direction the…