dev biswal ambrette

Has Dev gone too far this time?

Dev Biswal is once again leading the way with some innovative menu choices at the Ambrette. But has he gone too far with his exotic tasting menu we wonder?

The latest barbecue at their Rye based restaurant offers more than the the normal choice of meats and includes Zebra, Crocodile and Python. Before everyone starts jumping up and down, they say all meats have to come from protected, sustainable sources before being selected.

Dev is a big fan of eating wild rather than farmed animals and says “the meats taste amazing”. The menu will change daily, depending on what is available at the time.

Example dishes include, Ostrich Brochet as a starter, smoked in cloves and then char-grilled; Python flamed in Indian dark rum and then cooked for 5 hours, Indian-style in a rich tomato and onion sauce and a Zebra steak in a plum, ginger and black pepper.

If you happen to be in the area and have enjoyed any of these, we would love to hear what you think.