A ridiculous headline?

Well we are about to find out as trials begin in a hospital in Leicester about the positive benefits of the chemical  Curcumin which is found in turmeric.

With turmeric being found in just about every curry dish from Korma to Vindaloo, researchers believe eating it may have a positive benefit to patients suffering bowel cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Lab research has found that the chemical can make the cancer treatment 100 times more effective and 40 patients are taking part in the trials to see if these results can be verified.

So curry is good for you

It’s good to know that curry is once again being hailed for some its positive health benefits rather than constantly being criticised by the health lobby for being bad for you. All we ever tend to hear is that takeaway food is bad for you. This of course is total nonsense.

We believe great ingredients, cooked well and eaten in a balanced way is always going to be a good thing. Curry itself is not the enemy, it is how people mange their diet that causes the problems. If you eat too much of anything it will effect your waistline.

Other news stories

Other curry health benefits reported over the years include:

  • Curcumin helps fight dementia and arthritis
  • Turmeric helps repair stroke damage
  • Curry may slow Alzheimer’s
Indeed Hindus have a traditional system of medicine known as Ayurveda and many Indian restaurants follow Ayurvedic cooking principals but more on this another day……



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