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So what is it with all the  nasty tacky, sickly sweet music on Asian restaurants’ websites?

As you can imagine we visit a lot of websites during our working week and you can always tell when one of the team is browsing them because of the cacophony of rubbish music that springs from their speakers.

We decided to take a survey of 20 random restaurants’ websites and more than 50% of them had a horrible background tune – some awful sounding soppy song (in case we hadn’t guessed that it was an Asian restaurant for ourselves).

So we have to ask why?

Why are you convinced this a good idea? Why do website designers allow it? Italian restaurants don’t do it.

Has the presence of a bad soundtrack played on computer quality speakers ever encouraged a single customer to visit your establishment?

You may think that it doesn’t matter but here is what we think the average web browsing pattern will be:

  1. You are surfing the internet looking for a restaurant to have dinner at with friends.
  2. You find a local restaurant’s website.
  3. You are now hearing dreadful tinny music.
  4. You panic and look for the mute button on your keyboard hoping the pain will go away.
  5. You can’t find it and accidentally turn the volume up
  6. Your ears start to bleed and you feel faint
  7. You leave the website and look for somewhere else to go

Of course this is just our opinion and if you know different we’re always willing to listen.

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