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Peter Grove (74) has suddenly passed away on 15th June. He was on holiday with his wife on Gran Canaria when he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Peter was the founder of National Curry Week and the Curry Tree Foundation, which have raised funds for several charities since they’ve been started 19 years ago.

A passionate man, Peter also was a food journalist, historian, sport journalist and writer. Born in Hornchurch, Essex, in 1942, he has crossed many different career paths in his youth, from being a swimmer, water polo and tennis player to working as a statistician for the Union Castle Shipping Company.

He then dedicated himself to the travel sector, working for several airlines and starting his own travel company. He became a sport journalist for ITV’s World of Sport, The Daily Express, Daily Mail as well as for Florida World News and All Sports International.

His literary work touches different topics, ranging from sport to novels to children literature. Not to mention the several restaurant guides he wrote as an expert in ethnic food and drink.

His love for curry and ethnic food lead him to start the Best in Britain Awards (BIBA) for the Asian restaurant sector, Curry Capital of Britain and National Curry Week, born with the aim to raise funds for various charities in the world.

The curry industry has lost one of its greatest promoters in the UK but, as his wife Collen declared, we “can think of no better lasting tribute than to continue the work he started with National Curry Week and The Curry Capital of Britain. Their role in highlighting the contribution made to the wider community by the Asian restaurant industry was a message that was very dear to him”.

Our thoughts go to his wife and daughters.

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