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On the 16th January 2012, the School Food Trust which advises the government regarding school meals and children’s food, published a new guidance on food and nutrition for nurseries.  In its guide, curry has been put forward as a recommended option.

Hurray we say! No more fish fingers or chicken nuggets and chips!  The time when junk food was given to toddlers is over.

We all know that Britain is a nation of curry lovers and this affection starts at an early age but to recommended it as part of our children’s diet, what do we think of that? According to the Trust, lamb or chickpea curry with brown rice is really healthy option for children.

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Britons are addicted to curry

Chiken Tikka Masala has been the favorite dish in the UK for a long time now and curry has been referred to as British national dish.  We even have a National Curry Week (this year from 8th – 14th October).  Given our history with curry, it is understandable to give our kids the food that we like the most.  From a health point of view it could be surprising to introduce children to curry because they are commonly seen as an unhealthy option as many curries have a high fat content.  But many homemade curries can be very healthy, particularly if they are made with lots of fresh vegetables.  There is a large variety of different curry-based dishes so that children wouldn’t go tired of eating it and the fact that curry dishes are full of colours and have ever-changing flavours will keep the kids interested.

A never ending passion for curry

By introducing kids to curry while they are just two or three year-old, the government is hoping to change the bad habits regarding nutrition at school but also at home. Curry has been present in the British Isles for several centuries now and the passion that we have for it may even grow stronger with this new guidance. There is no reason for our curry-mania to stop!

Other meals to make the list include beef lasagna, mixed bean and root vegetable stew with apricot and herb couscous.  To read the new guidelines on food and drink in the early years visit the School Food Trust website at

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