So a few days ago I was asked to give some comments on Nadiya’s Simple Spices by the team at BBC’s Points of View. I must have talked a load of rubbish because I didn’t make the programme but more importantly I did buy the recipe book!

Anyway enough waffle, here’s what I thought of the programme (I’ve not cooked any recipes yet).

“Nadiya’s Simple Spices” is a delightful and educational television program that brings a fresh perspective to the world of cooking with spices. Hosted by the talented and charismatic Nadiya Hussain, this show is based on the premise of her personal “art masala” spice mix and demonstrates the versatility of using these 8 basic spices in her recipes.

One of the standout features of “Nadiya’s Simple Spices” is Nadiya’s warm and engaging personality. She effortlessly connects with the audience, making you feel like you’re cooking alongside a dear friend. Her down-to-earth approach and infectious enthusiasm for cooking are truly captivating. Nadiya’s ability to simplify complex cooking techniques and make them accessible to viewers of all skill levels is commendable. She breaks down the art of using spices into easy-to-follow steps, making it less intimidating for beginners and inspiring for experienced home cooks.

The focus on spices rather than “Indian Food” is what sets this program apart. Nadiya’s passion for these culinary gems shines through as she explores the use of spices on a range of familiar dishes from around the world. Each episode showcases a number of different spices, delving into how they can be incorporated into everyday meals. Whether it’s the earthy warmth of cumin, the pungent notes of cardamom, or the fiery kick of chili peppers, Nadiya provides a multitude of creative ideas for adding that extra layer of flavor to your dishes.

What truly elevates “Nadiya’s Simple Spices” is its multicultural approach. Nadiya takes viewers on a global culinary expedition, introducing us to other spices based cuisines from chefs using a variety of flavors and techniques inspired by different regions. This makes the show not only informative but also culturally enriching, showcasing the diversity of cuisine around the world.

While the show primarily focuses on the culinary aspect, it also occasionally touches on the historical and cultural contexts of the spices, offering viewers a well-rounded experience. Nadiya’s storytelling is both educational and engaging, making it more than just a cooking show.

In conclusion, “Nadiya’s Simple Spices” is a must-watch for anyone interested in expanding their culinary horizons. Nadiya Hussain’s charming personality, her ability to simplify complex cooking techniques, and the show’s emphasis on the diverse world of spices make it an informative and entertaining cooking program. It will not only inspire you to experiment with spices in your own kitchen but also leave you with a greater appreciation for the role they play in global cuisine.

Now I’m off to try that Jalfrezi with tomato soup.

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