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A number of weeks ago, now, we first heard the news that horse meat had been found in a Findus lasagne. Whatever your thoughts on eating horse meat, I think we can all agree that being deceived over what it is that you are eating is just not on. You might be fine with eating horse meat, but if you were expecting beef then that is another matter entirely. If you ordered a steak in a restaurant and they served you half a roast chicken instead, you would not be happy.

Perhaps it comes as a surprise to most of us, then, to hear the news that food experts have recently found a curry in London which contained an unidentified meat. The dish in question was supposedly a ‘lamb’ curry but tests later found that the curry did not contain lamb at all……..or chicken, or beef, or pork, or goat, or even the ever popular horse meat.  This was found while filming a programme for BBC Three entitled ‘The Horsemeat Banquet‘ in which a group of film-makers confronted the issue of mystery meat.

Speaking about the dodgy curry, a spokesperson of the show said, “It did contain meat” but “at this moment, the lab is unable to identify exactly which animal this meat came from.” Luckily the test for human flesh came out negative.

The experts fear that the meat found could be cat or dog. But are the experts barking up the wrong tree? With the media circus surrounding the issue of meat, people could be forgiven for thinking the worst. But has anybody thought that the meat in the curry could be duck? It is worrying that the scientists involved with the process thought to test for human flesh before they even considered the possibility that it could be duck.

It is not encouraging to discover a new story akin to the horse meat scandal and, while the mystery meat could be duck, it is far more likely to be cat, dog, rat or something else that is far from acceptable. No matter what it is, the deception is still there and these are our pleas to those with the power to change this:


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