Bombay Bicycle 2

I have tasted Bombay Bicycle and have to say I rather liked it so I’m thinking I will like the new version when it comes along. I’ve not received the taster sample yet as it won’t be out for a few more weeks, but when I do I will let you know how it compares.

Talking about beers – I have tried a bundle of Alcohol Free styles recently and have to say these have come a long way too. If you’re in the market for AF beers give Lervig’s No Worries range a try, they have a very authentic flavour and go beautifully with highly spiced dishes.

Anyway back to the Bombay Bicycle IPA, here’s the details about what to expect from KBE…

There is a new recipe for the Bombay Bicycle brand to meet the changing taste needs of today’s craft consumer. IPAs have been shipped from England to India for over 250 years. Two and a half centuries later, Bombay Bicycle has been carefully reformulated by a team of Indian food experts and the craft connoisseurs at Yeastie Boys to produce the ultimate curry accompaniment. 

Bombay Bicycle IPA was originally developed in 2016, but the tastes of craft consumers have developed significantly since then. Whilst consumers still want flavourful pale ales and IPAs, they are also looking for these beers to be a little more easy-drinking and refreshing. With that in mind, Bombay Bicycle has now been refined to align its taste profile to closer accompany delicious Asian dishes and curries. 

Andy Sunnucks, Brand Manager at KBE Drinks, comments, “Bombay Bicycle is the definitive Indian pale ale, and we are delighted to bring its latest incarnation to the trade. Packed full of tropical hops and fruity flavours, this unique and fruity IPA both cleanses your palate and quenches your thirst. We have worked closely in partnership with our friends at Yeastie Boys to make Bombay Bicycle more in line with what today’s consumers are looking for, and having carried out extensive consumer tasting, we are confident this reformulation will delight our loyal drinkers.”

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