Facebook has become a daily norm for many of us in our personal lives but at Curry Culture we decided to find out how Indian restaurants are using it?  Here are some examples, good and bad…..

Eastzeast – Good

EastZEast Facebook Page Header

With over 1,200 followers, daily updates and a recommendation section posted to by customers, EastZEast is showing how it can be done well. Updates from the admin team also give viewers the option to click through to the restaurant’s website. This sort of interaction with customers indicates that they make full use of this low cost tool and we expect they are seeing a good return on the time invested.


Usha – bad

Usha's Facebook Page

Oh no – Fail – if you’re going to set it up, do it properly or not at all. Does this Facebook page make you want to visit? The set-up of Facebook is relatively easy even if keeping it up-to-date is more of a chore. Just ask your teenage children to do it for you if you can’t get it done. But don’t let them loose to talk to their friends, you need to maintain a friendly but professional feel to what you say.


This is a tiny snapshot of what is out there but indicates two ends of the spectrum. Overall we think that Facebook has a lot to offer restaurants and the new timeline feature allows you to create a powerful marketing tool as it shows what’s happening at your venue month to month and gives a nice “touchy feely” theme that goes beyond what most websites can achieve.

Facebook will tell your customers what others think too, so can be used to manage good and bad reviews. But don’t do it half baked, that just makes you look bad.

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