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Not tried it and nothing to do with curry, but mixing two of my other favourite things, tea and whisky together has got to be a good thing. This must be just about the perfect gift for Christmas (and I hope my family is reading this).

So Pekoe Tea in Edinburgh have produced a range of five teas, one for each of the five whisky producing regions of Scotland. Taking their inspiration from the different malt whisky flavours of each region they have created five new loose leaf teas. These are:

Lowland Whisky Tea: a lime citrus and vanilla taste

Campbeltown Whisky Tea: a chocolate and plum taste and a spicy finish

Islay Whisky Tea: fiery smoke and peaty

Speyside Whisky Tea: smooth sweet notes of dried fruits and vanilla

Highland Whisky Tea: sweet with hints of fruit and spice

3,4 and 5 are the ones that appeal most to me but everyone will have their own preferences and at £9.50 each you’re probably only going to be trying them one at a time unless you’re feeling particularly flush.

If you would like to find out more about the range, their website has more details here:

Note: we have no affiliation with this company or their PR team and this link in not sponsored.

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