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Nepali dishes are some of our favourite, so when we saw this fundraising initiative from the Gurkha Welfare Trust it looked like a great way to help them and to get hold of some new recipes to try.

I’ve not had the first recipe through yet but will let you know how I get on with it when I’ve given it a try.

The Gurkha Welfare Trust

The trust supports thousands of Gurkha veterans and their families across Nepal and for a one off payment of £25 you get a ton of recipes, an exclusive tea towel and access to their Facebook group to ask questions, share recipes and generally get involved.

I don’t have any personal connection with the Gurkhas but did grow up in Fleet a short distance from their barracks. I remember cheering them when they came back from the Falklands and marched down Fleet High Street.

So if you have a spare £25 and want to help these veterans and their families live with dignity in Nepal then why not join up?

Full information can be found on their website here

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