This week I’ve been encouraged that at least some restaurants are willing to try something different. It seems obvious to me that the traditional Indian high street restaurant has been dying slowly for quite some time. The lack of imagination and often sadly, quality of many restaurants means they are never going to be a success.

Take a look around and there are hundreds of more exciting options opening every day. You only have to look at the revolution in burger restaurants to see that a very “ordinary” product can be turned into something special with a bit of thought, effort and culinary skill.

So it’s great to talk to Karim Ullah from Brohmon today to hear his ideas about introducing a new style, pop-up restaurant offering  a small menu of authentic dishes in and around Hertfordshire. He and his wife Sultana have so far appeared at the Marne and Wheatsheaf pubs in Bishops Stortford and although I’ve not tasted any of their food it’s intriguing to see that whereas most restaurants have a massive menu, theirs only lists around a dozen items.

So their website is a bit lacking at the moment but also take note of their prices. These aren’t expensive dishes, they remind me more of the local curry cafes, a few of which can still be found in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

So great food at a great price? That’s what they claim and we would love to hear from you if you’ve visited and can give us some feedback on whether they have succeeded. Here’s hoping.

There are certainly a few others such as Bundobust and the Tiffin Room tat are also trying a new approach and they both seem to be doing well. If you can point me in the direction of others I would love to help spread the word.

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