Eid Mubarak

The holy month of Ramadan is nearly at an end and with its passing, as we all know, comes the festival of Eid, one of the South Asian culinary highlights of the year.

After a month of intensive fasting, it’s a time to reflect and truly appreciate the value and importance of food.

Throughout the world followers of Islam will be enjoying a well deserved feast. From a ceremonial breakfast of sweet dates before the morning prayer, to a whole host of sumptuous cuisine in the evening, traditionally including many dishes such as Lamb Tagine and Beef Biryani

The wonderful array of foods enjoyed during Eid is fantastic for bringing communities together; a sense of solidarity among people is central to Ramadan and is exalted during Eid through celebration.

For any readers coming to an end of the sawm, we hope you enjoy the coming festivities, or even if you haven’t taken part in Ramadan do be sure to check out the Eid celebrations near you as it’s a truly joyous occasion each and every year.

Eid Mubārak

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