Curry Capital of Britain 2011

It’s that time of year again – the Curry Capital of Britain 2011 will be run in association with National Curry Week and gives regions around the country the chance to show exactly why they deserve the title of Curry Capital. The final vote will be held on 22nd September.

Four restaurants in each competing city join together to represent their area’s curry offering. However, the award does not just signify the best food or service – teams must also put together a presentation about how the ethnic community and the city in question affect each other, showing how the curry circle is important to society. This philanthropic approach extends to a charity event, which the competing teams must cater for and the proceeds from which go to the Curry Tree Charitable Fund, helping those in need around the world.

Cities involved include Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle, Bradford and Wolverhampton, and the current title holder is Glasgow, four time winners.

Here at Curry Culture we particularly like the element of council involvement in the bid to become Curry Capital. Last year many of the entries were co-ordinated by local councils which shows a great connection between private businesses and the community, and emphasises the importance of the curry industry to local economies and lives.

Which city would be your Curry Capital, and which four restaurants would you choose to represent the best of your region’s Indian cuisine?

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