indian style chicken
Chicken Old Delhi Style

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This delicious chicken recipe comes to us courtesy of Des Biswal and the Ambrette Restaurant.

Breast of British chicken char grilled then finished in an Old Delhi style sauce of tomatoes and dry spices. 

Something for a special occasion this a delicious Indian style chicken dish and an alternative when you are looking for something to enjoy other than a traditional chicken curry recipe.

indian style chicken
Chicken Old Delhi Style

How to Make Chicken Old Delhi Style

Step 1. Clean the chicken breasts

Step 2. Make a smooth paste of ginger and garlic

Step 3. Roast the gram flour on a dry pan and keep aside

Step 4. Chop the tomatoes

Step 5. Hang the yoghurt in a thin cloth to drain water

Step 6.  Marinate the chicken breasts in 20gms of  ginger and garlic paste , 20ml lemon juice and 5gms chilli powder. Set aside for an hour.

Step 7. Make second marination with 50gms hung yoghurt, 20gms roasted gram flour , 3gms red chilli powder, 3gms garam masala or spice mix powder and 75mls of mustard oil. Marinate chicken and set aside  for four hours

Step 8. Roast in a pre heated oven (350 F) for 8-10 mins

Step 9.  Melt 150 gms of butter in a pan , add 5gms of cinnamon, 5gms of cardamom and 5gms of cloves. Crackle the whole spices. Add 20gms of ginger garlic paste and stir over medium heat till liquid evaporates. Add 250gms of chopped tomatoes and approximately 300ml of water, cover and simmer until cooked.

Step 10. Force the sauce into a fine sieve and keep aside

Step 11. Melt the remaining 150gms of butter , add the sieved gravy and bring to boil

Step 12. Add the roasted /grilled chicken breasts and stir in the cream

Step 13.  Season with salt, sugar and 5gms fenugreek powder

Serve hot with boiled rice and vegetables of your choice.

Ingredients for Chicken Old Delhi Style

Chicken breasts 800 gms

Ginger 25gms

Garlic 10 cloves

Lemon juice 20ml

Chilli powder 5gms

Yoghurt, 50gms

Roasted gram flour , 20gms

Red chilli powder, 2gms

Garam masala 5gms

Mustard oil. 75ml

Butter 300 gms

Cinnamon, 5gms

Cardamom 5gms

Cloves. 5gms

Tomatoes 250gms

Fenugreek powder 5gms

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