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While Indian restaurant names can vary widely, there are some common themes and elements that often appear in the names of Indian restaurants in the UK.

Here’s a list of some of the most common types:

  1. The Taj Mahal – Named after the iconic Indian monument, and we think the most popular name used in the UK.
  2. The Royal Indian – Suggesting a sense of regal and luxurious dining. Often not really living up to this!
  3. Spice of India – Highlighting the rich and diverse use of spices in Indian cuisine.
  4. Curry House – A straightforward and descriptive choice. The Ronseal of all names.
  5. Raja’s Tandoori – “Raja” means king in Hindi, emphasizing quality and royal treatment.
  6. The Maharaja – Another reference to Indian royalty and grandeur.
  7. Taste of India – Focusing on the experience of authentic Indian flavours even if they’re not – e.g. Chicken Tikka Massala
  8. The Bombay Bistro – Referring to the city of Bombay (now Mumbai) and its culinary influence.
  9. Cinnamon Garden – Using a specific spice to create a sense of uniqueness.
  10. Saffron Indian – Another spice reference this time highlighting saffron, a prized spice used in Indian cooking.
  11. Mango Tree – Referencing the beloved Indian fruit, the mango.
  12. The Jewel in the Crown – Suggesting that this restaurant is the shining gem of Indian cuisine and also perhaps a reference back to the Empire?
  13. Chilli Village – Emphasizing the use of hot and spicy elements.
  14. Rajput Restaurant – Referring to the Rajput warrior class in India.
  15. Curry Lounge – Evoking a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and one step up from No.4.
  16. Golden Tandoori – Signifying the excellence in tandoori cooking.
  17. Punjab Palace – A reference to the Punjab region, known for its hearty cuisine.
  18. Saffron Lounge – Creating an image of a sophisticated dining experience.
  19. The Viceroy – Referencing the British colonial era in India.
  20. Chutney’s – A nod to the condiments often served with Indian dishes.
  21. Jahan – an Arabic word meaning world or universe
  22. Cardamon – more spices, we get the general idea!

These are some of the common themes and elements you’ll find in Indian restaurant names in the UK. Of course, there are many variations and creative combinations that add a unique touch to each restaurant’s identity.

We also thought of some more light hearted themes, so how about:

  1. Naan Sense – Derived from the famous Indian flatbread “naan” and a play on the phrase “nonsense.” Because why take life too seriously?
  2. Tikka Chance on Me – A play on the ABBA hit “Take a Chance on Me.” Spice up your life with a little tikka!
  3. Samosa Sutra – Inspired by the ancient Indian text, the “Kama Sutra.” These samosas are almost as sensual.
  4. Cumin Get It – An obvious twist on the phrase “Come and get it.” Your food’s waiting for you!
  5. Biryani Zest – Combining “biryani” and “zest” for those who like their food with a zesty punch.
  6. Paneer in the Neck – Paneer is an Indian cheese, and this name plays on the phrase “pain in the neck.”
  7. Holy Cow Masala – A playful pun, referencing the sacred status of cows in India. But don’t expect them on the menu.
  8. Roti to Riches – A play on “rags to riches.” Roti is a staple flatbread in Indian cuisine.
  9. The Spice is Right – Inspired by the TV game show “The Price is Right.” At this restaurant, the spice is always right.
  10. Korma Chameleon – A twist on the song “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club. Ever-changing korma specials, anyone?
  11. Chai Expectations – A play on “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens. For chai lovers with great expectations.
  12. Dalai Lama’s Diner – A nod to the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, because enlightenment tastes delicious.
  13. Poppadom Preach – A humorous twist on a Madonna classic.
  14. Bhindi Fingers – A playful take on “sticky fingers.” Bhindi refers to okra, a popular vegetable in Indian cuisine. I’m not a fan I have to say.
  15. The Roti-till-You-Drop Diner – A cheeky encouragement to indulge in all the roti you desire.
  16. Tandoori Triangle – Where food mysteriously disappears?

Let us know if you think of any more!

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