4060952563We’re all crazy about curry here but a chef in Grantham, Lincolnshire, took the curry madness to a whole different level. Muhammad Karim, chef of the Bindi restaurant, invented a curry sauce so spicy that he has to wear a gas mask, goggles and security gloves to cook it!

The sauce, called “Atomic Kick Ass”, is made of mango and tamarind BBQ style glaze mixed with the spiciest chillies in the world and then poured over chicken drumsticks. It is reported to be three times hotter than police pepper-spray.

Basically, this curry could be easily used as a weapon. So who would like to eat it, you might wonder? Well nobody would do it for the taste, that’s for sure, but Mr Karim has turned it into a challenge: eat ten drumsticks in less than fifteen minutes and earn £100. The record so far is set at two drumsticks, which might seem poor but is actually crazy!

People have to provide proof they are at least 18, in good health, sober and then sign a disclaimer (which warns the consequences of eating the dish could be facial paralysis, body shakes and internal bleeding…) to be allowed to participate, not to mention that they must wear not less than two pairs of gloves while eating!

But even more insane is that staff has to be trained in first aid so they can look after the customers before the paramedics arrive (which obviously could happen a lot). And it seems that Grantham General Hospital are actually used to dealing with customers from the Bindi, since chef Karim has “form” and has previously created another health-threatening curry, pleasantly named “The Widower”.

So if you ever find yourself in Grantham, make sure you don’t try this very special curry as we care about our dear readers!

Our view: when food becomes a medical issue then it’s time to think again, it’s not really doing curry lovers any favours if you hospitalise them. One day something nasty is going to happen and it will be a very sad day indeed.

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