Curry Lovers Gift Pack

Curry Lovers Gift Pack

All the way from the Isle of White, this excellent Mango Chutney was a big hit at Curry Culture HQ.

As the name implies this chutney contains both mangos and peaches and so is ideal for those who like their chutney on the sweet side. The chutney itself was a nice thick blend of ingredients and not like some – a thin paste that drips off the spoon.

With The Garlic Farm’s offering you can see real ingredients and it has a pleasing consistency and appearance. For us it’s ideal mixed with a spicy curry rather than with poppadoms where the sweetness is a bit too much.

We give this one the thumbs up and hope they also offer something with a bit more kick  – their website talks of some “vampire relishes” which are hot but we haven’t sampled them (and can’t quite see the link between hot and vampire if someone wants to enlighten us?).

The company also offers a Curry Lovers gift pack containing the chutney we sampled and a banana based offering.

Overall score 8 out of 10.

For more information and to see their other products visit The Garlic Farm