Indian restaurants in the past

In the past as far as I can remember the majority of Indian restaurants I visited were very male oriented and the thought of having women working there would have been pretty much non-existent as it wasn’t very traditional.

Which leads onto the question in my head of whether Indian restaurants would ever be described as modern places to eat out?

This subject, which was once taboo, is now a new trend amongst many Indian restaurants. The majority of them are now employing young women to greet customers at first contact, something unheard of 20 years ago.

I experienced this difference in tradition a couple of  years ago whilst dining out at one of Manchester’s finest Indian restaurants with a friend who worked there part time as a hostess in the evenings. Something she chose to do even though it was frowned upon.

So have Indian restaurant owners left their traditional thoughts behind in the 90’s? I would say yes, as this trend has grown rapidly and even though many Indian restaurants still provide their customers with Indian tradition and culture, they have had to boost their modern image amongst their young, chic diners, by being open minded about who they employ.

Curry Culture applaud all Indian restaurants out there who have taken the initiative to move forward in a more modern direction!

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