ceda, who represent over 100 companies involved in the catering equipment industry have launched a new initiative called ceda Retain.

Alongside the headline job losses caused as well known restaurant chains such as Carluccio’s close, go additional job losses in the hospitality industry supply chain. Engineers, sales people, designers, admin teams all work in the catering equipment sector and as their employers lose customers due to the Covid crisis, job losses in these businesses are inevitable. This new initiative is designed to help those who have lost their jobs put their credentials in front of all ceda members who may have opportunities available.

The process is simple. Those wishing to register should visit ceda.co.uk/cedaretain/ and complete a short form detailing location, expertise and a short write-up/bio about themselves and what they are looking for. ceda will then share their profile amongst more than 110 ceda member companies, all of whom provide services such as design, project management and equipment supply and support services to the food service, catering and hospitality industries.

Once the form is submitted, ceda will confirm authenticity, contacting individuals for clarity where necessary. Once ceda are satisfied, the details will be published to a members-only page.

In addition to providing a shop window for people, ceda are also encouraging them to continue their professional development whilst looking for employment opportunities. As such, all those that register will be invited to take part in ceda’s weekly webinar schedule where they can see product and topical presentations from leading catering equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

All registrants will also be given free of charge, unlimited access to ceda’s E-learning platform which contains over 100 generic CPD accredited and certificated business modules.

Discussing the initiative, ceda Director General Adam Mason says, “During these difficult times, a number of highly skilled people with good experience and significant talent will find themselves without a job and could be lost to the Industry. We need to retain as much talent and experience in order to make recovery as swift and efficient as possible. If we can help prevent just one person being lost from the Industry it will be worthwhile. By engaging with those seeking opportunity, giving them a platform to be seen by the best companies in the sector and providing learning and development opportunities, we believe that we are providing positive support to people in difficult times.”

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