Modern Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet…what an epic name for a chain of restaurants. But at least, it is an original concept and if you are looking for something new, it may be tempting.

Although it is in Taiwan, we think it’s worth the trip and we’d love to go there to see it with our own eyes. The concept of this chain is quite simple – you eat from a toilet bowl and drink from a urinal whilst seated on a toilet pan over a bathtub. Classy, isn’t it?

According to the owners, “It all started when one of [them] was reading the manga comic, Dr. Slump on the toilet – and the rest is history.” When they first started, they were serving ice creams in squat toilets. ( A flake with that anyone?)

And now, they offer a wide range of dishes such as the “Modern Toilet chicken curry” or the ” Modern Toilet beef curry” and many other toilet-themed dishes. The Taiwanese restaurant chain  is now expanding into China and other parts of Asia and is quite successful especially among teenagers.

A new meaning to poop scoop

So the concept of this restaurant is undeniably daring but is the food any good?

We have read a lot of reviews and they all seem to say that the concept is the reason why they went to dine there in the first place. People tend to go just for the novelty of it rather than for the quality of the cuisine. The decor makes it worth the visit and many people only go there to take funny pictures.

We would be curious to see if such an insane restaurant concept would be successful here in Britain?

…….and if any of you have ever eaten there, we would be happy to know what you thought about it.


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