Coriander for curries
Coriander seeds or powder are one of the most common ingredients in curry

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum)

(Dhaniya – Urdu translation)

From the Cori plant that is native to the Mediterranean.  Both the seeds and the leaves are used for cooking but each have different flavours, aromas and uses.


The seeds produce a sweet, woody aroma and a mellow, warm flavour.  They can be used whole, crushed or ground.

Seeds are usually roasted before use, especially when grounding.  Ground coriander seeds can quickly lose their flavour and so it is recommended that they are either ground fresh or stored in an air-tight container.


The leaves produce a citrus flavour, completely different to the taste of the seeds.

Coriander leaves are a favourite in south Asian and especially Indian cooking.  They are used raw to garnish lots well known dishes in many other cuisines and must be used fresh to keep the flavour.

Health benefits

The leaves contain antioxidant properties.  The seeds can help with diabetes and lowering cholesterol.  The juices from the plant, mixed with turmeric powder or mint juice can also treat acne.

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