Can curry induce labour?

20% of women believe that eating a curry at the end of your pregnancy will help bring on labour where as the rest thinks it’s one of those silly myths.

But what’s the truth – Can curry induce labour?

It’s has been suggested that spicy food is an effective means of bringing on labour as it’s thought that the spices in a curry can stimulate your tummy and therefore also stimulate your uterus (womb), and kick-start things, although there is no medical evidence to confirm this.

So sadly Curry itself doesn’t have any magical powers to bring on labour but it can make you have a loose bowel motion, that might have an effect. Emptying the bowel can help bring the baby’s head further down onto the cervix, which can itself help kick things along. So if you’re sensitive to curry spices why not give it ago?

There are other myths that are supposed to bring on labour such as going for a brisk walk, eating pineapple and drinking raspberry leaf.

I did all of the above and had my baby two weeks early. So call it a coincidence if you like, I don’t care if it’s a myth or not because

I was delighted not to be the size of a house and have my insides kicked for any longer so next time I will whole heartedly be wolfing down a Vindaloo for breakfast, Thai Green Curry for lunch and a Spicy Chinese Curry for Dinner!

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