Lamb Rezala Recipe

Lamb / Mutton Rezala,  a creamy, nutty Mughlai recipe courtesy of Guest Chef Ed Holston

Whether you use lamb or mutton, this creamy, nutty rezala recipe takes all the best bits of Mughlai cuisine, including cashews, fragrant spices and subtle sweetness, and throws in a whole load of butter and a rare punch of chilli. It really is everything a curry should be and more!

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The curry world is not just about restaurants, there are a huge number of other businesses, home chefs and curry enthusiasts involved in the industry and today we look at one of them, the Birmingham Balti Bowl Company. If like me you originally thought the Balti and Balti Bowls must be from India, Bangladesh or…

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Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

This Chicken Jalfrezi with a twist comes from Guest Chef Syed Ahmed who shares his version of the ever popular recipe, this time with chicken drumsticks.

Using some popular ingredients from companies such as Pataks, don’t be overwhelmed by the long ingredient list, watch his video and you will see that this recipe is one all of you should be able to follow and enjoy.

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