I have driven past Laxmi many times and thought, must give that a go, it looks good. So a few weeks ago we headed over there one Friday evening and tried their Early Bird menu.

Overall the restaurant gives a good impression, the interior is modern, the staff welcoming and the tables well laid out so you’re not on top of your neighbours.

We tried the Pakora Selection and the Machi (haddock) Pakora to start followed by a Chicken Mirchi and a Keema Mutter with plain naan and mushroom rice. While my selection of pakoras were good, the Machi pakora was overcooked and so very dry and the haddock was overpowered by the batter so a bit disappointing.

Chicken Mirchi and Keema Mutter

The main dishes both looked the part but I wasn’t keen on their Keema Mutter. This is one of my favourite go too dishes when visiting somewhere new, so I have had a fair few and this one was OK but there was something about its consistency I didn’t like. It was too fine a mince I think. The Chicken Mirchi was also OK but a little bland.

I guess generally we were left feeling a little flat. It all looked the part but none of the food really stood out and said “you need to make this place your local”.

A slight niggle at the end was when I saw they were charging me £4 a small bottle of Heineken Zero. It’s bad enough having to drink the stuff!

Anyway I wouldn’t want to put people off trying, this is only my opinion and maybe we just didn’t opt for the right choices. You can take a look at their website here : https://laxmihuddersfield.co.uk/

They have some kind of weird falling flowers effect on the website which seems to serve no purpose other than to annoy but I am sure it’s there for a reason.

Note: This is an independent review, we were not asked to visit and have no affiliation with Laxmi. We paid for our own food and drinks – £64.05 to be precise.

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